Forget textbooks and Spanish 101 class. This blog has practical tips and activities to get real Spanish language skills. I’m talking about listening, speaking, reading and writing in your real life. Enjoy some engaging activites – read aloud, narration, cooking, crafts, art study and more to come.


Learning Topics

Dream big and make your Spanish Study Plan to use the language in your real life with a variety of hands-on activities.

P.S. And I love to give you FREE printables available in the Spanish Toolbox

Get the tips on how to have a read aloud time and good Spanish books for beginners to read.

Step-by-step instructions for art study where you observe and discuss famous artworks.

Choose an activity that interests you – crafts, cooking…


Books are the best source for language. I share the books I love and know that will help you do some real Spanish learning.

Hands on activities with hidden grammar and vocabulary lessons are perfect for creative learning.

Making things for play and to learn with touch, sound and sight helps to remember.

Learn the letter sounds by making a Spanish Alphabet Banner to hang on the wall or door for activities.

The practical information about sounds, words, phrases, sentences and mechanics is the basis of language.

Make your own personal word collection with Noun Exploration Sheets.

Learn about the parts of speech and how to identify them and diagram sentences.

Why Learn Spanish?

spanish is an american and world language

Why You Need to Learn Spanish

The United States is part of Latin America in our history. Large regions of our country functioned in Spanish before English became standard from coast to coast. The United States is a part of Latin America today. We are interconnected geographically, socially, economically and politically.

The benefits of learning Spanish are clear for business growth, job opportunities, increase in pay, community involvement, memory and thinking strength, and personal relationships.

There are more than 557 million Spanish speakers around the world. Spanish is the number one second language choice for English speakers. The best reason – it’s a beautiful language.

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