¿Quién soy yo?

Who am I? I am a mother who teaches her children everything important in life. The most important thing is the fear of the Lord and love for others. The next is how to learn anything worthwhile.

I have spent the past ten years teaching each one of my five children to read and write, how to apply mathematics, about the past, the world and science, give presentations, etc…

In all the fullness of each day one thing has lagged behind – teaching my children how to listen, speak, read, write and think in Spanish. With diapers and breastfeeding in my past, now I have some time to put my ideas into action.

where to start

Start strong and finish brilliantly with the Learning Spanish Checklist to make a plan.

Try out some hands on activities: Read Aloud, Art Study, Cooking and Crafts that will build your language  skills.

¿Y por qué españolista?

I started this blog to share this next part of my plan to become more fluent and to teach my children to listen, speak, read, write and think brilliantly in Spanish.

My creative ideas, the stuff I wish I had ten years ago, are finding their home in the Spanish Toolbox, the FREE resource library.

I am more than a mother, a blogger and content creator, I am your new Spanish-speaking friend. Each week, I will brighten up your inbox with fresh inspiration, more creative tools, and the stuff you need to accomplish your language learning goals. Get connected with me!

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